4 Mistakes That Turn Real Estate Game Against You

A home buyer’s behaviour matters a lot when they enter into real estate market. Buying a property in Bangalore or any other location in the world requires strategic planning. You need to hire professional real estate agent, you need to invest time in visiting different neighborhoods and you also have to find a reliable real estate developer. All this cannot be done unless you have industry knowledge. You behaviour can not only turn the game against you but it can also ruin your real estate agent’s work.

Not all the buyers are created equal. And it is always a responsibility of a real estate agent to help them throughout their buying process. Some buyers take long time to finalise a purchase, while there are buyers who complete a purchase in very less time. Some buyers make a lot of requests, while some know what the deal is and they don’t go beyond it.

So here’s how you can avoid these 4 mistakes:

Hidden Negotiations

Some home buyers try to discuss pricing even after finalizing the deal. They try to negotiate on price without notifying the agent. This is a big mistake and you should never do such things. It will not only damage your reputation, but it may also lead to more stress between all the parties involved. Difficult transactions are always a pain point for business parties, so better you remain clear about the upfront payments and your intentions. If you really don’t like a deal, or not willing to pay even after you said ‘yes’ once, tell everyone very clearly.

Dumb Offers

A real estate developer has listed the property for X amount and there comes a potential buyer and offers almost half of the listing price for the property. It is really good in cases where the properties are overpriced, but not everywhere is the same case. If a property’s worth is close to the listing price, there’s no point in making such meaningless offers because the seller will not negotiate on the price. It’s really fine to offer less than the listing price, but you should be very realistic.

When Inspection Goes Beyond Limits

It is important to go for inspection instead of finalizing the deal by seeing the pictures. An inspection twice or thrice is absolutely ok, but if you arrive with an architect, designer, friends and start checking and measuring everything. This is undoubtedly going to turn against you if you do this everywhere and never make an offer. Some buyers believe that bringing hired consultants and family again and again is a strategy to make sure that no stone remains unturned. But in reality, doing so is a waste of everyone’s time.

Asking For Too Much Attention

Some people just want to close a deal because they are real decision makers. While there are home buyers who are still two or three years away from the buying process, but just to taste the water, they pretend being more serious. Even after being too far from a serious buying decision, they need a lot of attention and have many demands. Asking a real estate professional to search a property just because you are excited about buying a home in the next two years doesn’t make any sense, unless you clarify them.

The home buying process is a wonderful journey, and once you find a reliable real estate developer and a professional agent, they can add more value to your experience. You should understand that a real estate professional needs to know about your priorities and needs you to trust him and also expects the same. Real estate professionals can be very helpful when the right time comes. So, make sure that you don’t make above mentioned mistakes.

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