4 Reasons to Move to Whitefield, the Best Neighborhood in Bangalore

Whitefield may be synonymous with the International Tech Park and world-class infrastructure, but this neighborhood offers so much more. With the boom in real estate market, Whitefield has become one of the best places to buy property in Bangalore. Between the views of tree lines and positive social infrastructure, it’s no wonder why Whitefield appeals to masses.

Whether you’re looking to buy luxury villas in Whitefield or just visiting the area, insight from professionals can help you make the best decision. Check out why Whitefield is the best area to buy property in Bangalore.

Drive faster than you can walk

If you are in the middle of the city, you can actually walk faster than you can drive. How long will you need to drive 5 miles in the city? It can be between 30 minutes to more than an hour. Pretty bad it is. When you are in the Whitefield suburb, things are far better than the other areas of the city. You can actually reach your destination faster because the road connectivity from this area is exceptionally good.

Better Education

In many cities, suburban areas usually offer better schools and colleges. If you have or you’re planning to have children in the future, Whitefield is an area you can choose to live. it’s always a good idea to consider education’s importance. Deans Academy, DPS, Whitefield Global School, Chrysalis High School, VIBGYOR, and Ryan International High School are located in the area. In other places including suburbs, people typically pay higher costs for many things, but Whitefield offers the best value for the investment you make.

Bigger House & More Space

Unless you increase your budget, inside the city, you can’t own a house of the same size you can get in Whitefield suburb. In Whitefield, you will usually find more square footage as compared to from in the compared to the inner-city. Having more space inside and outside of the house is one of the biggest advantages only a limited number of home buyers get.

Quality of Life

If you still think that Whitefield is majorly for IT park goers, think again. This area offers great lifestyle for those seeking luxury villas in budget. The best thing is that you can in fact invest in plots. Projects like M1 Aureus and Terra Alegria are well-known for luxury real estate investment in Bangalore. When you start living in the area, you get to know how a property in Whitefield can become a great place to relax in a beautiful environment away from work and stress, while still being connected to the necessities and people.

No matter where you land, areas like Whitefield and Thanisandra are always the most promising places to check before making any investment in the Bangalore real estate market.

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