5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Moving To Bangalore

You may have heard many people saying “Bangalore is the best city to live in” and when you hear this you may have thought what the reason is. It is a tourist destination, the climate is so good, there are many companies to grow with, and most importantly, it is the Silicon Valley of India. All of these things make Bangalore an ideal place to live in, but there’s so much more. While Delhi and Mumbai always tried to maintain their statuses, Bangalore is a city which is growing rapidly.

It’s safe

Crimes are everywhere in India and in different parts of the world. But if you are living in Bangalore and going out after 8PM, you will be having no fear in mind. You can do the same in Delhi and Mumbai, but the risk is very high. Ever compared the number of people getting raped or shot in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore? You’ll get the clear picture easily. People in Bangalore are helpful and nice in general.

No communism

People in Bangalore also follow religions just like many other people from different parts of the country. The communal hate which you see in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai is too high but Bangalore is really peaceful. Since the city is connected to the world in many ways, a majority of people is cultured and they graciously accept people from other communities. You know how Chennai people treat North Indians and how people of Delhi treat South Indians. If you never step out of your car and walk on the streets, you will not likely observe this difference, but it does exist.

Women Empowered City

Bangalore is safe and the women are more empowered here. They are not afraid to take up the role of a taxi driver or a bus conductor.  Throughout the day and night, Bangalore is a safe heaven for everyone regardless of their gender. Most importantly, it is a clean city, People love the art and care about keeping their surroundings clean. If you have ever been to public spaces in Delhi and Mumbai, you will understand how disgusting some of the places are, but in Bangalore, majority of such places are well maintained.

There are many places to work, and many places to party

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. The city also has largest number of startups and MNCs in the country. If your kids are studying in school or college, living in Bangalore means a promising career awaits them. Bangalore is also known for the number of Pubs it has. Even when the city has the largest number of pubs in Asia, you won’t find people complaining about them.

The best city to retire in India

Bangalore is home to many parks and gardens. It is also known as the “Garden City of India” for obvious reasons. Cubbon Park, Coles Park, Lalbagh are some of the most attractive places for senior citizens. The weather is highly suitable and all the natural resources are available in abundance. Neighborhoods like Thanisandraand Whitefield are known for the city’s best luxury real estate destinations in close proximity with several healthcare centers, hospitals, schools and colleges.

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