5 Things To Remember Before Moving Into Your New Home

So now you have bought a house and the house is going to be yours in sometime. No more landlords, and you are soon going to become a property owner. Spend a night in the new house if possible, or at least visit the location and create a list of things you want to do now.

Enjoy this new opportunity you just grabbed and now think about what you should be doing after the celebration. The sooner the better, so focus on, and follow these tips before you move into anew home.

  1. Ask the Developer for Little More Help

If you need some changes, plumbers or electricians to get things done which are out of your contract with the developer, ask the developer to provide you with the contact numbers of the right people. Of course, it is not a part of your deal, but a reliable real estate company won’t mind helping you in getting things done. You can borrow their contact lists because they always have good contacts and know the reliable people in the industry.

  1. Meet and Greet

Before you move in, just explore the neighborhood a little more. Meet the neighbors or ask the developer if there’s a meeting scheduled for homebuyers who have booked a house in the same community. Speak to everyone who is going to be your neighbor. Know them, ask questions and build healthy relationships so that you will also get to know more with their experiences.

  1. Maintain a Records Journal

Keep all the receipts together and make a record book to track your expenses and taxes you’ve paid. Whether it’s a wall paint, maid service or community fee, keep receipts of everything and even if you don’t have receipts for everything you pay for, at least note down your expenses. Be it home improvements or your other expenses, you must carry the records so that you can check where your money is going.

  1. Clear the Vents

Many people forget cleaning the vents when they buy a new construction. No matter how much your builder tries to get the things cleaned, new improvements and changes made by you can easily make the dust settle in the vents. So, rather than cleaning them after moving into a house, be prepared well in advance and get it done so that you won’t have to get your belongings covered in dust.

  1. Make Your Home a Safe Zone

Buy a new fire extinguisher, invest in other safety equipment to build a safe zone for your home. You may think that it is not necessary for your home, but it is always better if you stay prepared. You are protecting your family and saving lives by doing so. Many people have protected their people and assets by simply installing an extinguisher and they have significantly reduced the damage.

There’s so much more you can do before moving into a house. So if you have some plans, share with us in the comments below.

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