The Bangalore real estate market can be a very surprising place at times. There are people paying for luxury villas in the city, while there are many who are investing in properties which are nothing more than just a small piece of land.

Here are 6 most surprising facts about Bangalore real estate market.

Bangaloreans are going out of the city

When you’re bored of Bangalore, you’re bored of your life. But the skyrocketing price of the real estate properties in the city is making many Bangaloreans reconsider their address. Real estate trends suggest that people are looking for properties in suburbs and are more interested in places like Whitefield and Thanisandra.

Most expensive offices

Bangalore is one of the best cities in the world for career growth – whether it’s the boom in the IT sector or the climate. But the city is not very cheap to set up a business. Office spaces in the city are some of the most expensive assets in the country.

There are many projects, but still, the demand is rising

Bangalore is one of the most promising locations for real estate investment. From luxury villas to villa plots, the demand for property is exceptional. There’s always activity in the Bangalore real estate market, with new developments happening all the time.

Riches buy here

Ever wonder why properties are expensive in the city? Bangalore is a hub of millionaires. Residents and non-residents both have their massive shares in the city’s real estate market. If you feel that the property rates are high in Bangalore, blame it on the city’s big spenders.

Prices are not rising crazily

The best thing about Bangalore real estate market is that the market is not crazy. Meaning that the price is going up in the city, but not in a way that people can’t even think of buying or investing in the properties. The good thing is that the market is stable and is seeing consistent growth which is a positive sign and is the only reason why riches choose Bangalore when it comes to investing in real estate.

Not many buyers are aware

There’s a myth about the luxury properties in Bangalore. Most of the people you hear speaking about real estate say that luxury properties are out of reach. To some extent, this statement can be true, but it is not completely true. Check neighborhoods like Whitefield and Thanisandra which are rapidly growing. These places offer a variety of options to invest in luxury real estate in Bangalore. The good thing is that you don’t have to struggle with overpriced properties in such locations.

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