Advantages of Living in a Gated Community

A gated community is a residential community that is guarded and enclosed within walls and
fences. There are many gated communities in Bangalore, and one of the best-gated
communities is M1 Homes Terra Alegria. Living in a gated community is the right choice that
one can make, it has lots of benefits which makes it a desirable choice of living. Some of the
advantages of living in a gated community like M1 Homes Terra Alegria might get you to
consider moving to such a place.

1. Safety and Security
When one asks about the benefits of living in a gated community, the first thing that
comes to our mind is the safety and security of the premises. The premises are well
secured with properly armed guards. Gated communities have fixed exit and entry gates
that are either secured with manned or electric security. CCTV cameras are installed
in almost every corner of the premises where 24/7 surveillance is recorded.

2. Privacy
After safety and security come to the privacy which is taken care of in a gated community,
in fact, extra privacy is provided. As it’s a gated community only residents and verified
guests are allowed inside the premises. This kind of exclusive facility is provided in
gated communities, making it a first priority for the residents.

3. Community
One of the reasons to choose a gated community like M1 Homes is the sense of
community that it elicits. Whenever we decide to stay in a community we prefer to
stay with think alike people. Slowly there is an unspoken understanding between the
residents, the whole community celebrates festivals or events together.

4. Good Property Value
Usually thinking about the cost of living in a gated community makes people drop their
idea. However, there are many gated communities that are highly affordable. Gated
communities have better property value when it comes to trusted builders.

5. Safe for Children
One of the greatest advantages of living in a gated community is for kids and families.
A gated community is always safe in terms of security & moving traffic, kids can safely
play outdoor without parents worrying for their safety also they will not be worried
about their kids being bumped into strangers either. It is also good for little ones to get to make many friends within the community and explore the areas.

6. Greener Environment
Gated Communities are always far from highways and the noise of traffic. Staying in a
a gated community is always like staying in a green environment, where no pollution
and they can breathe fresh air.

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