Buying a Brand New Home in Bangalore: Things to Consider

New things are always exciting. Whether it is a new mobile phone, car or a brand new home. Pre-construction or newly built houses are the choices of a majority of home buyers these days. A very less number of people feel comfortable in buying an old construction as it not only limits their dreams about architecture and design, but it also turns out to be not of their type. But those who wish to purchase a new house sometimes overlook simple details they should be careful about.

Here are the 4 things to know when you buy a brand new home in Bangalore.

#1. Unfinished Projects

No matter how comfortable you feel in a neighborhood which can potentially be your residence, you should step into the market with skepticism. There are many under construction projects scattered everywhere in Bangalore. To stay away from the worst scenarios where the developers run away leaving a project unfinished, make sure you find a reliable real estate developer in Bangalore. RERA is now in effect, but the problem is that not everyone you see in the market is a genuine real estate professional. So make sure you invest in the right property. And also make sure checking the background of the real estate developer.

#2. Loving the Virtual World

When you buy a new construction, you never get to see the actual home you are buying before it gets ready. And till then you just see a model or prototype. In many places, such model houses are decorated and dressed well so they attract at first sight. Some buyers don’t even care visiting the place and they get so fascinated by 3D models and images. So, if you really do not want to make a mistake, just go to the site and if you find something suspicious in a project, it is better you find the right real estate developer and invest in a more promising project.

#3. Not Reading the Agreement Papers

What’s included and what’s not? You should find out what a part of your deal is and what’s going to put an extra burden on your pocket. Sometimes, home buyers don’t go into details and check what upgrades are included in the project cost and what’s not. If you overlook these details, there are chances that the bills are going to create an unexpected, stressful situation for you.

#4. Just going With a Shopper’s Mindset

Buying a home is a major decision. Don’t just go with a buyer’s mindset and add unnecessary upgrades just because your budget allows. It is always better to determine what you will actually need and what not. There are chances that some of the things you will need later and not at the time of closing the deal or soon after you move in. So instead of adding more upgrades, think of how you can save and get things done later.

Bottom Line

Never let the excitement play with what’s important for you as a home buyer. You may find many real estate opportunities in Bangalore, but the best ones are rare. So just be with a trusted real estate developer and get the home of your dream.

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