Easy Steps To Check A Neighborhood Before You Buy A Property In Bangalore

From checking the surroundings to the built-up area, here’s how to check a neighborhood’s important features which you cannot easily judge from the photographs. When it comes to investigating a property, smart buyers know that a careful inspection plays major role in choosing the best property. Just like you do test-drive before buying a car, you can do the same with a potential property. If you are looking for a luxury villa in Bangalore, here’s how you can make sure buying the right one in a perfect neighborhood.

There is plenty of water available at the construction site, but is it really good enough to drink? The neighborhood is surrounded many shopping complex, but do the neighbors really enjoy nightlife there or you’ll find yourself alone on the road at 10 PM? The neighborhood is in close proximity with city’s hot spots, but what’s the crime rate? There are many things you should be careful about before you invest into luxury villas or luxury villa plots in Bangalore.

Take a Walking Tour

Once you’re on foot, you can learn more about a potential home. Check how long it takes to reach the basic things. How far the nearest public transport is, how good the sidewalks are and how many people you see when you are on road alone? These are some of the questions which can easily be answered when you take a walking tour of the neighborhood.

Who is the Neighbor?

Before you leave the site, try to check who your neighbors are or who will be your neighbors. Do they really look like worth being around? Do the neighbors or the people around you look like young professionals, family men/women or suspicious ones? How much noise they make and what could be the potential problems you will face if you choose the neighborhood.

See What’s Inside

Don’t get seduced by the beautiful bath fittings and exposed iron bars promising a development. If possible, check how good the construction is, check the quality of material being used and also check the other fittings done in the place. Check the list of proposed amenities and make sure whether you are able to find them or not.

Check the Natural Lighting, Air

No matter your love for air conditioner and LED lights is matchless, for a healthy living, you must have a look at the natural light and air. Is the neighborhood surrounded by trees? Are there gardens proposed by the developer? Do you see trees being planted in the villa community garden? If you are buying a villa, turn off the lights and check how much light you get in each room? If you are buying a villa plot in Bangalore, look for the open area whether it is suitable to build a house or not.

Make sure you test-drive a home before you buy one.

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