Live Here, Not There: 7 Things to Look For In a Neighbourhood

You’ve gone to see a villa and the place was privately shown to you. The real estate developer and seller’s agent took great care and you inspected the property very well. You’ve decided this is the right property for you, and you’re ready to seal the deal.

Before you take a step forward, you should check out the neighborhood properly. Here are seven ways to investigate a neighborhood.

  1. Crime stats

You can get the information from any reliable source including the police station or newspapers to get an idea about the crime rate in the neighborhoods you’re visiting. Compare areas to see what areas look like the best for you.

  1. Affordability

Even if it looks amazing, you would not want to check properties in an area where you can’t afford to buy. Keep your real estate agent informed about your budget and ask them for neighborhoods where you can afford buying a property.

  1. The type of neighborhood

Many home buyers prefer peaceful suburban areas. If you’re the one, make sure that you’ll be able to walk for everyday needs. Well maintained gated communities turn out to be great neighborhoods when it comes to living in a quieter place while enjoying the luxury of the availability of all the basic needs.

  1. Schools/Colleges

Schools also make a very big difference when buying a property. If you have kids or planning to have in the near future, paying for a property near to the best schools is a smart investment.

  1. Profitability in the long-term

One more important thing to consider is holdability. If you are not the one who keeps flipping properties, don’t take a decision in hurry. Consider a location where you can hold a property for a long time.

  1. Zoning

It’s also better you understand the zoning. There are properties that come in different development zones and you should be aware. It may not be possible to collect all the information about the development zones, so it’s better you choose a trustworthy real estate developer.

  1. Amenities

While the geographic location of a property is important, what’s around also makes a property worth buying. Every home buyer has unique demands and needs, and what they desire to see in an area completely depends on their interests and taste. You need to find a neighborhood with amenities that fit your needs.

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