Luxury Real Estate Buying Lessons You Can Learn From Celebrities

Location is everything

No matter how many times you have heard the catch phrase “Location, location, location,” it always makes sense to consider the place where your buy a property. It’s incredibly true that when you are buying a luxury villa in Bangalore, you may want to consider many other things other than the location, but it is strongly recommended that you never overlook the location.

If you observe the way celebrities make a real estate purchase, you will realize that they choose the prime locations. Be it Bollywood or the Hollywood where almost everyone is looking to buy properties in Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills or other areas in LA. Since you are looking to buy a luxury villa in Bangalore, what else can be better than the neighborhoods like Whitefield and Thanisandra?

Trust real estate experts

Just like the celebrities, find the best real estate professionals in Bangalore area. If you believe that hiring a professional real estate agent is a costly affair, wait till you have to clean the mess created by an amateur or your own relative or friend who claims to be a real estate pro.

Professional agents and real estate developers are working on projects like yours since years and are the right people to trust as they can get you the best out of your investment. Their experience, skills and knowledge of the market trends can’t be found anywhere else.

Plan Ahead

Many celebrities don’t plan a house for life, they simply keep their next 5 years’ plans in mind and make a purchase decision. If a celebrity is expecting a baby or planning a baby in the next couple of years or months, you will see them changing house. Celebrities don’t mind moving into a new place when they expect their family to grow. But celebrities make such moves because they can afford such expensive affairs. But for people who wish to be in a place and don’t want the hassle of swapping properties soon, it is better you learn from this mistake many celebrities do.

If you are planning to welcome a baby or more in the next couple of years, buy a property accordingly.

Be Ready For Emergencies

Many celebrities, even after having crores in their bank account don’t mind choosing to buy small or rent. Unless you are going to live in a place for at least 5 years, buying is the best option. If you are planning to temporarily live somewhere else be it a vacation or a long business tour, it is always better that you buy property for the transition periods.

Some celebrities have even went through disasters in their life and those emergencies put them selling their property at lowest rates possible. So, one more thing you can learn from celebrity real estate is that you must have an emergency fund because you may need it in the long run and at any point of your life. Not having so will not only affect your home buying decision, but it will also put you in financial trouble.

Bottom Line

Celebrities make smart moves and they also make mistakes. When considering luxury villas in Bangalore, make sure you take the right steps and avoid the mistakes as much as possible. No one is perfect in the world and everyone makes mistakes, but it is always better to keep things in control. Trust the right people and make your decision stronger with concrete information.

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