Luxury Villas in Whitefield, Bangalore: What’s Luxury in Today’s Real Estate Market?

Today, almost every business uses the word ‘luxury’ with their offerings. Be it a hotel room, vehicle, furniture or a complete house unit. The more people use this word, its value gets melted down for obvious reasons. Luxury has different meanings for everyone, but when it comes to real estate market, there are some set of rules, not exactly rules, but there are some features and amenities that make a house, luxury house.

Those looking for luxury villas in Whitefield, Bangalore, a single search on Google with the term “luxury villas in Bangalore” and “luxury properties in Bangalore” can bring hundreds of results. We all know that the internet doesn’t give us a clear picture, and even the photographs of those so called luxury villas also don’t make it clear whether you are going to see luxury in the place or it’s just a buzzword.

The luxury real estate has different definitions in different markets. So, if you see a project listed as luxury villa project in Bangalore doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll actually be experiencing the luxury you are looking for. So, how to dive in and get gems, not the stones? It’s easy. All you need to do is to focus on things that matter.

The location should be your top priority if you are a luxury seeker. Luxury doesn’t always mean that how expensive or comfortable sofa set or bed you have. It also is not limited to the amenities you have inside the house. The true meaning of luxury is living in a place that reminds you several times that your decision was right. A purchase decision is beyond the closing day. Buy a house in a location that gives you the luxury of having everything near to your place. Groceries, everyday life items, fresh vegetables, fruits, hospitals, schools and your workplace. Finding and living in such a place is the real luxury.

Safety is also a big factor you should always consider checking. Living in a place where crime rates are high will never let you go out of the town peacefully. No matter how much freedom you want, it’s always better to invest in a property which is completely secure. Gated villa communities in Bangalore are the ones that let you enjoy luxury with peace of mind. Such communities have select homeowners and are guarded by security personnel. Go for this kind of luxuries, not for the one where the dummy houses are staged well, but in the name of security, you only see a watchman wandering here and there.

Choosing the right market is a major factor. When you are investing in a property with a big price tag, you must check the demand as well. Even if you are not going to sell it anytime soon, see if people are actually interested in buying the property or it’s just overpriced and you are taking a decision because your heart says so. Check out the market status, growth and also make sure that the property belongs to a reliable seller.

Follow these tips when you’re aiming to purchase a luxury villa in Bangalore which is considered as a high-end property in the real estate market.

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