NRIs Looking For Premium Villas In Bangalore: Key Reasons To Invest

If you have ever dreamed of buying premium villas in Bangalore in the best neighborhoods, now is the best time since the new amendments and policies are now in action. Even after the arrival of RERA, GST and several new policies, the Bangalore real estate market remains unaffected from price fall and gives more transparency and security for NRI investment.

Buying premium luxury villas in Bangalore is the new and highly promising business opportunity for those who are not ready to buy luxury villas in the city. The property market is gaining never seen before growth in 2017 and with a large selection of good luxury properties in Bangalore at very competitive prices, this is the golden year to invest for NRI buyers. Thanks to the more favourable financial situation and continuous growth in the hottest property destinations such as Thanisandra and Whitefield, the trend appears to continue in the long run.

The best thing is the current strength of Rupee against the other major currencies. Compare this to previous rates and you will realize that buying a property in India holds more value than ever before. Another good thing is the buyer-friendly environment that makes buying and reselling the property easier than before. Rules are now simple and the process has become faster. All-in-all, investing in premium luxury villas in Bangalore is undoubtedly a good deal for NRI investors.

The interest rate for home loans are at all-time low. Soon after demonetisation, the was said to be hit by scarcity of buyers, but the current trends show that Bangalore is not just India’s but it is one of the leading destinations to buy properties around the world. The interest rates are low and as a result, buying a dream property in Bangalore has become easier and now when the banks have enough funds to lend home loans, government and private sector banks are approaching serious buyers and the loan process has also become faster.

Another key reason to buy premium villas in Bangalore is the growth of tourism. The level is rising with time. If you check the trends, Bangalore has become one of the most visited places in India for both foreign business persons and frequent travellers as well. The trend is set to continue with exceptional growth. More exposure to the world is a great reason why people will be coming to Bangalore in search of investment opportunities and accommodation. This is undoubtedly a great news for NRI investors looking to buy villa plots in Bangalore.

If you are looking for luxury villas in Bangalore for investment or residential purpose, all the signs suggest that this is the right time to invest in the real estate market. If you are considering buying in the Whitefield or Thanisandra areas, and would like to have some advice served to you, M1 Homes is always there to help. Alternatively, you can check the property listings on the website offering all the details NRI buyers need to find the best investment opportunities in Bangalore.

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