Why Whitefield &Thanisandra are popular with home buyers?

If you’ve always thought of buying a home in Bangalore, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Whitefield and Thanisandra. You’ll want to start your house hunt with these two rapidly growing areas as both of them are bigger and more developed than you might think. What follows is useful details shared by local real estate professionals about what makes Whitefield and Thanisandra best places to buy property in Bangalore.

  1. Community

For those looking for a sense of community, Whitefield and Thanisandra both offer a community friendly feel that keeps locals and NRIs wanting to live here. The best thing about these neighborhoods is the vibe of the strong social structure. Many people are so proud to live in these neighborhoods and wish to spend their lives here.

  1. Excellent architecture

Older buildings have already been renovated and new beautiful pieces of architectures are taking shape in these locations. The ultra-modern communities reflect the unique styles preferred by people who love luxury. These two areas are highly attractive destinations for potential home buyers.

New buildings with all-inclusive amenities and exceptionally good living spaces are coming up. New restaurants, shops, and markets are replacing the old ones and are offering a better environment to the community.

  1. Easy escapes and entertainment

According to residents, why they love Whitefield or Thanisandra is because the areas offer much more than a short drive to office, schools or healthcare facilities. These neighborhoods are a quick drive to the most happening places of the city. Foodies and people looking for an escape are satisfied as there are many high-quality options to enjoy the weekend.

  1. It’s suitable for young families

On the other hand, Bangalore, especially the two areas are popular among young professionals and families. Whether it’s enjoying a date night a private party with friends, locals love these areas as they know that these are the places where everything is so friendly and in the vicinity.

  1. Affordability

Despite outrageous home prices in some parts of Bangalore, Whitefield and Thanisanda real estate markets are highly suitable for first-time home buyers. Finding luxury villas or villa plots in these areas is easy and buying one is possible without breaking the bank. Premium home developments in M1 Aureus, Antaliea Homes, and Terra Alegria are perfect for residents as they’re close to all the exciting places and considered prime real estate opportunities.

  1. One of the safest places

Due to big IT companies having their offices in these areas, the neighborhoods are packed with professionals. Since the city never sleeps, you can easily see people coming from or going for their night shifts. The area is safe in both day and night time and is ideal for families.

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