3 Things To Remember When You Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent

Buying a house is an emotional experience. All the real estate deals are made on the basis of trust. It is the major factor for the human interaction and when it comes to homebuying, serious home buyers always choose and work with a professional real estate agent. Choosing the right one requires trust and if you can trust a real estate agent, there should be concrete reasons behind it. We all know that trusting a real estate agent is the key to successful home buying, so make sure that you are completely satisfied with the agent’s profile, experience, negotiation skills and strategy to find the right home for you. Here are 3 key factors you must consider when you hire a professional real estate agent in Bangalore.

  1.  Experience

While experience cannot always guarantee that a real estate agent is suitable for your purchase, most real estate agents in Bangalore who have great reviews, industry knowledge and years of experience will have the right skill set to help you find the right home. When you are interviewing a real estate agent, ask if they are working full-time or they just consider such deals as a part time business. Ask how many homes they have sold in the same neighborhood and also ask about the people who got benefited due to the agent’s knowledge and experience. If the person is representing a seller, you can ask about their designation, whether they are certified or authorised to represent the real estate developer or not.

  1. Buying Strategy

Finding properties online and offline will be critical to make your home buying experience a successful one. Ask your potential real estate agent how do they see your home buying plan? What are the things they want to suggest and based on your requirements and budget, what is the best strategy they are going to utilize for buying. How many neighborhoods they know very well, how many properties they can help you visit and what are their plans to get the best deal without crossing your budget limits. Make sure there is an aggressive and a clear home buying plan in place. Make sure that you feel confident about the plan and not just the agent.


One of the best ways to know whether a real estate agent is worth going with or not is their connections. Ask them about their former clients and also ask them if they can connect you with at least two or three of them. If you are feeling that a property shown by an agent is worth buying, ask if your real estate agent is in direct contact with the actual seller or he is just relying on someone like him.

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