5 Practical Steps To Follow When You’re Buying A New Construction

Let’s say you are looking to buy a newly constructed property and have found a real estate developer. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that your decision of ditching pre-owned property is wise unless you follow these steps.

When you choose to buy a new house in Bangalore or any other city, you get advantage of owning more valued asset. The cost of pre-owned houses is a critical factor because it only gets increased due to location and people who lived there. But with a new property, you get the advantage of a fresh start. No matter how appealing a new property may seem, there are few steps you must take before making a purchase decision.

  1. Do your research

Meet the developer, check their website, and see what kind of reviews they have got from their customers. You should also check the projects the developer has delivered in the past. IT is always important to do the research because a reliable real estate developer will be happy to guide you and show you what they have done previously. Remember that there may be some happy and unhappy customers, so just look at the trends and see how the developer delivers on the promises.

  1. Ask for guarantee

These days, the word guarantee is treated as old fashioned term which is slowly losing its importance. People usually buy property which is under construction. You should ask for guarantees like what are the guarantees the developer is giving you when the home will be ready. Will it be ready on time? What if the developer fails to deliver? A trustworthy real estate company will specify these terms in its purchase agreement. Be clear about everything.

  1. Inspect the home

Buying a luxury property in Bangalore has its own advantage. So when you’re going to buy one, just make sure you go out for inspection. Do not feel that the new homes do not have problems. If you see that there are issues in permission from local or state government, courts or neighbourhood keep yourself away from such developers and try finding a new property. Anything suspicious can lead to a major issue, so better you ask everything well in advance and if the developer fails to satisfy you with the right answers, move on.

  1. Don’t always believe what you see

A property can look really great in pictures, but reality can be far different. Why don’t you ask your developer to share some pictures directly from the project site? You should check the websites, for example the developer M1 Homes in Bangalore who is considered to be one of the leading developers in South Indian real estate market. If you look at the site closely, the developer has included some actual images of the construction work along with the 3D artwork. Such things undoubtedly give an idea to the property buyers about how things are going and it also helps the developers maintain the trust among potential buyers.

  1. Choose the right developer

There are many people who claim to give you the moon. But be very careful in choosing a real estate developer for your new home. Always check the record, previously delivered projects, company’s background and the clarity of information between the seller and you. Buying a new home is more than just putting money into an asset. So be with the right one.

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