Buying Cross-Country? Here’s What NRI’s Need To Know

There’s an old belief that if you’re buying something in real estate market, you should be able to see it every day else you should not buy it. This was a logical advice and of course, when you’re buying a property in real estate market, you get a physical asset which you can manage in any way you want. Thanks to the modern-day technology that enables NRI buyers to make an investment in real estate in India with the potential for the highest ROI possible.


So now when things have become easier, why should you settle for less? When it comes to real estate investment, we’re living in the golden time. With access to information and various real estate tools, the prospect of investing in real estate properties in India from a different country is easier than before. Don’t let the fear hold you back from choosing the right opportunity. Think of these three important strategies to ensure a smart investment in real estate market.


  1. Location

The most important and useful advice a real estate developer can give you is investing in the right location. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, it’s extremely difficult to understand how safe a particular property is. Without knowledge what can sound interesting may turn out to be a risky investment. So if you’re looking properties in an area where a limited number of house units get sold, you can’t consider investing into it. In general, suburbs are the easiest to assess in value if you’re not present at the property location.


  1. Social infrastructure

It’s crucial to think about the surroundings. School areas, commute times, crime rate, healthcare facilities before taking a decision. These factors have a significant impact on properties and their value over time. The better the area, the lower the crime rates. It all gets converted into more profit when you decide to sell a property. A prime property will surely be close to some major job hubs. For example, if you are looking to buy a property in Bangalore, going away from IT hubs where a large number of professionals seek rental properties and also look for properties on sale. The reason is everyone wants to reduce commute times.


So if you’re buying a property in Whitefield or Thanisandra in Bangalore, where the major IT companies are located, chances are you will attract many tenants looking for comfortable and better rental properties.


  1. The basics

Several basic rules of real estate investing work without limitations of location. Assess the value of land and calculate the risk accordingly. If you are able to find properties which are located between higher value properties, chances are you can expect more rental income. Gated villa communities in Bangalore are some of finest places for this purpose.


Modern-day technology has changed many things in the real estate industry and cross-country investment is going up. With knowledge, professional guidance and well-tested methods, such as the three mentioned above, it’s easy to find a good investment property.

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